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23.03.2023 | News

DC-INDUSTRIE2 direct current research project successfully completed

"Direct current from renewable energies can be easily integrated into production and at the same time makes an important contribution to greater energy and resource efficiency," Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding with TH OWL, scientific director of the DC-INDUSTRIE2 research project, is enthusiastic. Since 2016, more than 40 companies and research institutions have been working on solutions in the DC-INDUSTRIE and DC-INDUSTRIE2 projects on how the potential of direct current technology can be used for industrial production facilities. After seven years, the project will come to an end as planned at the end of March 2023. At the final meeting at BMW’ site in Dingolfing, more than 80 project participants evaluated the results and added further measurement results and findings to the system concept already presented.

07.03.2023 | News

Hanover Fair 2023 - Booth in Hall 11

The ZVEI working group Open DC Alliance (ODCA), founded in November 2022, will present the importance of direct current for the energy turnaround right in its premiere year at the Hanover Fair.

01.03.2023 | News

First Plenary of the Open DC Alliance in Frankfurt

The best ideas come from direct exchange! Therefore, the first plenary meeting of the ODCA took place after the founding event last November. On 27th and 28th ofFebruary, the community met at the ZVEI in Frankfurt, which has already gained 7 new members since its founding in November, and really got the ball rolling. Dr. Hartwig Stammberger, Chairman of the ODCA, welcomed nearly 80 employees from almost all member companies.

02.02.2023 | News

Efficiency increase with Direct Current

Direct current is our vision for a sustainable installation in the All-Electric-Society. Let's take off together in 2023!

The ZVEI working party ODCA (Open Direct Current Alliance) was founded at the end of last year to represent the interests of the international electrical industry in the field of direct current technology. This includes building an international direct current ecosystem and establishing direct current technology for many applications in the manufacturing and process industries as well as adjacent markets by addressing, discussing and evaluating relevant technical, regulatory and economic aspects.

03.11.2022 | News

Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) founded

ZVEI today founded the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) with 33 companies from industry, academia and research. The goal is to build a worldwide direct current ecosystem and establish direct current technology across applications. The ODCA, a working group of the ZVEI, follows on seamlessly from the successful DC-INDUSTRIE2 research project, which will be completed next year.