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13.01.2023 | Publication, Künstliche Intelligenz

Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA): Direct current for the energy-efficient factory

The energy transition is a necessary component of the sustainable transformation of society. The ecological focus is on a consumption of resources that does not exceed the earth's natural…

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04.11.2022 | Publication, Künstliche Intelligenz

DC-INDUSTRIE2 project presentation

The focus of DC-INDUSTRIE2 is the direct current supply of an entire production hall. The goals of the research project are the secure and robust energy supply of production facilities, the…

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13.11.2020 | Publication, Automation, Automotive, Industrie

Direct current power for sustainable factories

The transition to renewables is one necessary step amongst many in the move to a more sustainable society. The goal is to lower human consumption of natural resources to a level that no longer…

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