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19.01.2023 | Press

Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) launched

Following the founding of the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) at the end of last year, the ZVEI working group has officially begun its work. The goal of the Alliance is the worldwide development of a direct current ecosystem and the cross-application establishment of direct current technology. The ODCA, which brings together 37 partners from industry, academia and research, is a seamless continuation of the successful DC Industry 2 research project, which will conclude in spring 2023.

03.11.2022 | Press

Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) founded

ZVEI today founded the Open Direct Current Alliance (ODCA) with 33 companies from industry, academia and research. The goal is to build a worldwide direct current ecosystem and establish direct current technology across applications. The ODCA, a working group of the ZVEI, follows on seamlessly from the successful DC-INDUSTRIE2 research project, which will be completed next year.