ODCA at the Hanover Fair

The ZVEI working group Open DC Alliance (ODCA), founded in November 2022, will present the importance of direct current for the energy turnaround right in its premiere year at the Hanover Fair. Direct current (DC) is considered a future key technology for integrating renewable energy sources into the production process. On the main booth in Hall 11, directly next to the ZVEI main booth, the partners will present DC applications for industry and show why an intelligent energy supply in industry is only possible with direct current. At the Energy 4.0 Forum, current research and practical examples will be presented and an outlook for the coming years will be given.

Program, Tuesday, 18.4.:

Open DC Alliance: Be part of the energy transition
9:30 - 10 Uhr

Resource Conservation and Energy Efficiency of Industrial DC Grids
10:00 - 10:30 Uhr

New Industrial Building including a smart DC-Grid
10:30 - 11 Uhr