ODCA at the SPS Fair 2023

The energy transition is a necessary component of the sustainable transformation of society. The ecological focus is on a consumption of resources that does not exceed the earth's natural regenerative capacity. In terms of electrical energy, this can only be achieved by increasing efficiency and using CO2-free, renewable energy sources. At the same time, production must change to become digital, networked and individualized. More electronics and sensitive production processes require the highest level of power supply quality. 

At the SPS, ODCA partners will show relevant DC applications for industry and provide information about the benefits as well as possible implementations and further information in Hall 3, booth 331.



Wednesday, 15 November at 9:30 a.m. in Hall 8, 410

How Low-voltage DC supports the energy transition

In the research projects DC-Industrie and DC-Industrie2, various questions concerning the operation of direct current technologies were answered. These are summarized accordingly in a system concept. Direct current in industrial applications offers several advantages, including lower resource use and improved energy efficiency. The system concept is the basis for the implementation of several model applications with direct current and serves as a basis for future standards. To ensure that the research results are transferred to practical operation, the Open DC Alliance was founded. The focus of the ODCA is on establishing a DC ecosystem for applications beyond the fields of industry.