The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is the largest university in Baden-Wuerttemberg with approximately 33,000 students and 12 academies/campuses. The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a wide range of the academic fields.

Especially the academy in Mosbach focuses on DC technology and energy efficiency in electrical engineering in its research. The laboratories are state of the art and enable students and professors to work and research in the field of DC technology. Due to the progress in power electronics, the university is expanding strongly in this area. In addition to energy efficiency, the university is also focusing on management and industrial applications. Furthermore, large mobile applications, like electrically powered aircraft applications, are observed in terms of power distribution and power electronics. Next to the technical topics, the DHBW Mosbach is also interested in expanding its network and cooperating with companies and other universities.