SIBA fuses have been protecting people, machines and equipment from damage for over 75 years. We have become one of the world’s leading companies in our industry, with more than 500 employees at our production site in Germany and eleven sales companies worldwide. Being a mid-market family-owned and -operated company, SIBA pursues a sustainable, far-sighted corporate strategy instead of short-term profits. We are proud of our traditions but go beyond them – and employ technology and innovation to stay on top of industry trends.

Off-the-shelf products are delivered quickly, but do not always fix the main problems. It is increasingly clear that special requirements need special products. We can react quickly to our customers’ needs and efficiently develop a custom-tailored fuse with our project process and deep development capabilities.

SIBA has joined the ODCA to actively be involved in shaping the future DC industry in terms of sustainable, standardized and safe protection of electrical systems. With SIBA's existing expertise in fuses and especially in ultra-fast semiconductor fuses, we want to make a valuable contribution to the energy transition.