innofas GmbH is a technology company that is already shaping the energy ecosystems of tomorrow. We develop technologies that are applied in the most diverse areas of the energy systems of the future: 

  • DC industry 
  • Realization of large-scale storage systems 
  • charging technology 
  • intelligent grid technology 
  • Photovoltaics. 

We have been developing and using bidirectional charging systems in the automotive/ e-mobility/ charging infrastructure sectors for six years now. innofas converts companies to DC Industry and supports the grid connection to the building. Our own innofas developement and test center provides powerful bidirectional charging systems, photovoltaic systems, stationary energy storage in an energy network. This allows us to further develop selfsufficient energy grids and ecosystems in practice. 
We are partners of the ODCA because we want to advance sustainable energy supply with our DC technologies. Creating synergies, sharing knowledge and offering solutions is part of our mission as a future-oriented company.