SOCOMEC has developed a range of load break switches specially designed for photovoltaic and DC applications. These devices perform on load making and breaking in all applications of photovoltaic circuits up to 3600 A and 1500 VDC, whether floating, earthed, or bipolar. The load break switches also remain operational under extreme conditions.

SOCOMEC offers also AC and DC power metering and monitoring systems to facilitate the metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality.  

Energy storage is the core element for the transition of the electric utility system to Smart Grids. SOCOMEC’s outdoor energy storage solutions ensure the proper energy mix of buildings and stabilization of the power grid, which makes them ideal for commercial and industrial facilities.


To support our strategy in DC, it was important for Socomec to become an active member of ODCA.  It is a unique opportunity to meet and exchange with other actors and to be part of this new adventure. This participation will also allow us to follow the development of DC grids in the industry and to adapt our product offer.