EFEN GmbH, a company of the uesa group, was founded in 1922 in the Rheingau. Since that time, fuses and the associated fuse holders have been developed and manufactured. With the portfolio in the area of power systems for AC and DC applications, EFEN offers its customers an optimal selection of power and communication interfaces for modern and future-proof energy distribution. The product spectrum ranges from NH and HH fuse-links to NH fuse switches, vertical and horizontal design to small signal transformers and energy measurement systems. Modern manufacturing facilities offer high quality and reliability of the products. A perfect service in customer care and technical advice complete this.

EFEN has been involved in DC applications for a long time. With special solutions for UPS systems and telecom applications, we are already familiar with DC issues. Through the increased use of inverters, we have optimized our NH fuses-switches to 800V DC for the use of proven NH fuse-links. With our commitment in the field of DC applications, we want to help shape the energy grid of the future more effectively and efficiently. The savings potential of copper alone justifies its use, for the the environment.