TU Ilmenau

The Electrical Apparatus and Switchgear Research Group has many years of experience in the fields of contact and arc physics, high voltage technology and their applications for optimization of electrical power engineering components. Numerous labs e. g. DC and switchgear lab, high-power and voltage test field, are available for teaching and research.

Innovative switching and protection devices for future DC grids, intelligent fault detection algorithms, and new contact and insulation materials can make significant scientific contribution to the challenges of the energy transition, environmental protection and enabling of DC.

Current research projects are investigating new DC switching principles, ageing behaviour of insulation materials and switching behaviour of contact materials, all in context of LVDC technology in one of the most modern test facilities in the world. For this it is crucial to be part of an association like the ODCA, which makes it possible to exchange and discuss latest research findings and also needs and wishes from the industry and users.