TH Ostwestfalen-Lippe

The OWL University of Applied Sciences (TH OWL), represented by the Institute for Energy Research (iFE), is one of the initiators and drivers of the DC-INDUSTRIE initiative. The iFE is particularly well established in the field of power electronics for industrial applications in production automation, in the design of industrial grids and the repercussions of feed-in and regenerative power converters.

The preparation of both project phases DC-INDUSTRIE and DC-INDUSTRIE 2 have been supported organisationally and technically by the TH OWL. The scientific management of both projects, which has been carried out by Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding, deserves special mention. One of the main goals of the TH OWL here is to bring DC technology further towards application. The founding of the ODCA was the logical next step in pursuing this goal. The TH OWL continues to support the Alliance and all new menbers in technical matters and coordinates research projects on further issues.