LEM is the market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters. Its core products - current sensors and voltage sensors - are used in a broad range of applications in drives and weldingrenewable energies, UPS, power suppliesrailwayshigh precision, conventional and green cars businesses.

LEM’s strategy is to exploit the intrinsic strengths of its core business, and to develop opportunities in existing and new markets with new applications. It has production plants in Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tokyo (Japan). With regional sales offices near its customers’ locations, the company is able to offer a seamless service around the globe.

Why we joined ODCA?

Since 50 years LEM is working on DC-sensors. LEM introduced the Hall-Effect technology in power electronics. Various technologies are available in our portfolio to measure DC, e.g. open/loop, closed/loop and fluxgate sensors. With LEMs engagement in ODCA, we would like support DC-applications in order to improve the level of efficiency in industrial applications.