Some time ago, KUKA recognised the enormous potential of a transition from alternating current (AC) grids to large-scale direct current (DC) operation in industrial manufacturing and developed DC-capable robots. The efficiency potential of DC concepts is enormous and can make a significant contribution to revolutionising industrial power supply in terms of sustainability. Due to the significantly lower power consumption with simultaneously increased stability in the supply, resources can be saved and emissions reduced in industry. In addition, electric drives can feed their braking energy back into the DC grid without being converted into heat via braking resistors and released unused. By integrating storage units in the DC grid, peak loads can be reduced and the DC grid can continue to operate in the event of AC-side power failures.  KUKA was part of the "DC-INDUSTRIE2" research programme funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, where it worked with 38 other partners on the potential and implementation of direct current. 
KUKA supports the vision and mission of the ODCA 100% and sees the organisation as the ideal network for jointly advancing this topic.