As a pioneer of electrification, Schaltbau has stood for safety and reliability on the railways for generations and supplies contactors, plugs and snap-action switches for customers all over the world. Based on this expertise, we are now a leader in direct current technology and develop pioneering solutions for the industry, energy, and mobility of tomorrow. Together with our customers, we want to unlock the full potential of electrification and make a significant contribution to protecting people, resources, and the environment. The expression of this ambition is our NExT Factory, the world's first DC factory. With a self-sufficient DC microgrid, it operates on direct current from energy production to storage and consumption: the result: 35 percent less energy consumption, 100 percent CO2 neutrality. We bring this know-how to the ODCA and show that direct current can already be safely controlled today and is an important contribution to the energy transition.